Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abigaile walks outdoors

I just wanted to say how great our God is... We have had some equipment struggles. If you know us, you know what struggles we have had with this. It almost seems that our system doesn't want children or adults that are disable and handicapped to improve. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace and His love endures forever! That is an eternity!
Abigaile has borrowed this kidwalk now for just about a month or two and we have tried through all of our insurance possibilites to get one. Primary insurance has refused because it is a pre-existing clause for one year and the state secondary insurance says that she doesn't need a walker. I suppose they expect her to crawl on her stomach for the rest of her life. There is not an age limit or prerequisite for a walker except they must be starting to ambulate. Anyways, our PT has let us graciously borrow this to see if Abigaile would do well in it and guess what she has taken off! She looks foward to it everday and loves having her independence. She also doesn't get hurt in it if she has a drop seizure. So we will have to wait until God shows the provision for it. She is getting very heavy to carry though I will tell you that! I want to share some pictures I took of Abigaile this morning after her therapy session of walking outside and then the therapist took the walker to let another child borrow it after therapy. The cost for this walker is close to $5000.00 after all the accessories are added to keep Abigaile safe.