Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


Update on Abigaile and equipment. I have a link that I am posting, I hope I can post it here, if not then make sure to pull up to see this absoulutely amazing thing that happened today. This is a blessing from God! I am so thankful for this family. I have been trying to get equipment for so long, mans way, and having faith. Well faith doesn't always work with mans way. You gotta know somebody, or you have to have done something for someone else and it is paying back time you know the ritual.

We have been attending Keypoint Church in Bentonville since about March 2009. We had to move during that time and we were able to meet some really special people that helped us from the church to move to our new apartment. We have been truly blessed since attending Keypoint church. I am putting the link in this post for you to listen to this precious lady at our church; their family is so sweet and so sincere they have prayed for us through the battles we have been fighting with the equipment. I want you to listen to it and then I will finish the rest of the story. If there is anyone who has ever doubted that God exists, let me tell you people, He is real, He exists, He is ALIVE! and He answers prayers. Listen to this ! and check your faith!


We are so thankful to God and we are thankful that God has servants at heart like Amy and Derrick Hessman in our lives that are a blessing to us. We are thankful to KLRC as well for being a blessing. They went on our behalf to the throne room of God and partitioned where Amy saw a resource and God has answered our prayers. God is faithful in His word where two or more are gathered in my name, there will He be also.

Abigaile needed a very specialized gait trainer that will help Abigaile to learn how to walk and straighten her gait. We filed our personal insurance, our secondary insurance, and I have called every agency from here to Little Rock consistently since 2005 trying to get this walker for our child. This gait trainer will help to keep Abigaile secure in it so that she doesn't fall and get hurt when she has a drop seizure. All of the agencies I spoke to have not had any funds for us for the gait trainer. I knew that if we were persistent that we would get the gait trainer, that God would make it possible. He has worked through this awesome family to show it. Amy was able to find the walker on craigs list, it is barely used, and the lady will take less for it than she was originally, so God please bless her too. Amy then took the "pay it forward" from KLRC and put it aside and they have gotten a couple of other donations and they are believing that Abigaile will be riding in her new gait trainer that is a blessing from God through vessels like the Hessman family!
I am so thankful that God has put special people like Derrick and Amy and their family into our lives. Never give up if you don't have the money, or run out of resources, you can never run out of GOD! He's too big, and He's too much, He never allows lack. So this is an awesome and thankful time for us and we can't thank you enough to the Hessmans for being ACTIVE servants of God! We love you all !
Allen, Paris, Natascha, and Abigaile.

P.S. (what will she do to those bookshelves now:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

LeBonheur trip in Memphis

Natascha is such a beautiful young lady and she always has been. She has had the best attitude and disposition no matter what has come at her. I wish I could be more that way. Natascha and Abigaile are both so very close and we are so blessed by that relationship that they have it is really aweosme. They do bicker, and it is most always Abigaile who starts it. That tells me that we have planted the seed of God in this child. This picture was taken at the Memphis Zoo, which by the way if you ever go to Memphis with your family or kids go hang out at the zoo. It is so clean and just really well laid out but take a couple of days to do it and enjoy the family time. This was so much fun for us just chillin' once Abigaile was discharged from the hospital. I could not do a post of Abigaile without doing a post of our sweet Natascha and she just looks so pretty in this picture. Thank you God for blessing me with two very awesome, God loving little girls and a very sweet husband that I don't know what I would do without any of them.

Keep on, Keeping on ! God is faithful

Isn't this most beautiful little girl you have ever seen? This child is full of faith and full of life! I bet you would never know that she is full care and is unable to walk on her own. In fact, she seems so normal that no one would ever know that there is anything wrong with her. That she is unable to walk, her speech is delayed, and she has multiple chemical sensitivites including food dyes, preservatives, household chemicals. Which means that she needs someone to pretty much do everything for her.
Abigaile had an adverse reaction to her 4 month old vaccines. She had multiple grand mal or clonic tonic seizures when the reaction happened. Abigaile had a 52 minute seizure that in the emergency room the attending ER Dr walked out of the room and said she would not make it. I can't tell you what that does to the pitt of your stomach. But we didn't dwell on it long, we just refused in Jesus name to accept it. We stayed on that course ever since.
I want to write the post today because I am appalled at the very system that was set up to protect our American people, the innocent, and our children and will be our grand children has more than failed. It keeps you sucked in and dependent so that you will forget that God is your provision. I have nursing experience for over 9 years and have worked in ICD9 coding with a very reputable clinic in this area. I have worked at home for the past 12 years taking care of my children. I am so very familiar with how the system works in the medical profession and how it doesn't work. You need to stand up and make your voice known that you put all of your might in the system that God designed and not our political system. I work with families a lot that have relied and depended on the system. They feel like that is the system of wealth, it is the system of wealth-less-ness! if you depend on this government system to help you, they will make you dependent, not independent of it. We have worked as foster parents trying to help families who could get back together in a system that says that is its agenda, and they work very hard and not putting families back together. It is a false sense of security the number of families we see increasing on public assistance and not Gods provision and they wonder why they never increase.If you want to see increase and not lack, take up your cross and follow God. We are in a system that has a lack of God, therefore it is not blessed and it does not support itself. I have dealt with every level and branch of government for the last 5 years and have gotten nothing. God has met our needs when we lost our job, which by the way ended up after losing each new job over 4 years each time, and put back on unemployment once we relinquished that position to God, He gave us the best job we have ever had working for an awesome company with great benefits. I sometimes think Allen is so happy at his job, he doesn't want to come home. We have a need for Abigaile and God tells He will supply our needs as well as the desires of our heart. I am having faith that we will have the mobility equipment that we need for Abigaile or Abigaile will start walking on her own and completely stop having seizures. Be faithful for God, and He will always be faithful to you. Get out, start walking the walk, and talking the talk that puts you in Favor with God and men. If you keep calling those things, not as though they are, God will reward your faithfulness. He is faithful. He is God. The creator of all things.