Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas fun...

Daddy and his beautiful girls

My two beautiful angels ...

Message of a New Year filled with HOPE! Its a four letter word!

I am so thankful for my friends and family. This has truly been a challenging year, so has the past 6 years! I am still thankful we have a loving God! Psalm 103 Praise the Lord O my soul and forget not His benefits, who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases!
I am thankful that we have such a loving and faithful God that we can know we depend on. I am so thankful that Jesus took those infirmities for us so that we have complete healing and restoration.
I am looking for a new year, not just New Years. God has promised us a future of life and not destruction. I pray these things for you and your families.
I pray for those of you who have had challenges this year, that the Lord bless you and keep you and that 2010 is a new year, make sure your resolution is in God we trust! I pray for health and healing and prosperity in all things.
Holman Illustrated dictionary defines divine healing as Gods work through instruments and ways He chooses to bring health to persons physically ,emotionally, and spiritually. In the book of Acts, the healing ministry continued...
We still have some challenges to overcome, and I am standing on the Word of God to believe that we will overcome.
1 Cor. 12:26-27 says if one part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.
We all suffer and hurt when we hear of all those that are suffering and we applaud when we all hear good things about each others health. My prayer for you and your families for this new year is health and healing and May God bless you like you have never been blessed before. There is HOPE in Christ.

with much love in Christ,


Thursday, December 17, 2009

getting ready for a new season

We have had a pretty eventful day today. Abigaile started out pretty good and started having a rough afternoon. It started with therapy today. I can't explain what happened it all happened so quick. Abigaile is so quick, even though she is crawling, this is her way to get around but she gets where she is going. Mainly she likes to stop and watch momma cooking in the kitchen. She is really cute.
Today Natascha got rid of her stitches in her forehead, the violet niva was benign, yeah Praise God for that. She was happy though. We are still cleaning the area and knowing in a few days it will be healed.
I am trying to work on my final that is due tomorrow and then I will have a two week break. Time to clean out the clutter!
We aren't writing on the caringbridge site much because Abigaile has been pretty uneventful lately in the area of hospitals, and medical issues. I know she is healing and it just takes time for her little body to cope. What is so sweet is, when she does feel bad, or has a seizure she starts quoting Isiah 53:5, she can't repeat all of it but she knows to say, "by His stripes we are..... healed". I am so thankful that she has that planted. You can tell her that "greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world" and she will clap.
I am thankful for two very beautiful little girls that love God with all their heart. I am thankful for a very handsome, sweet, and loving husband that loves me with all his heart. I am thankful for what God has given me starting with Him first, and He gave His son Jesus for all our sins. I am thankful for the family that God has given me and I know He loves me.
Well its almost time this weekend to start working on those Christmas gifts, still have a couple to buy, and a some stocking stuffers. I know I keep reminding myself that God is in control. Please pray for the families that are out there on caringbridges there is a lot of sickness, cancers, disease, and hurt please pray they find Gods peace and tranquility and they are forever wrapped in His Love always!
be blessed in the Lord, for He is good all the time!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Healthcare reform-less

To whom it may concern,
My daughter is six years old we live in Rogers, Arkansas . I can not tell you how sickened I am about the new health care reform. It is more like health care welfare! What an incentive to get people who are already in the system to stay in the system.
In 2004 my daughter had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. We have been fighting for five very long years to get compensation and help with our daughter. We have lost our job in three different occasions and lost our home, our second car, and have done without necessities of health care for our family otherwise.

Our daughter has had multiple medical needs, and is a complex case that we had to sign up for the first visit to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, our state insurance. It is a far cry from Insurance. It insures you not. Our daughter has been neglected care, benefits, and much needed equipment need to get her through this. We don't have a tentative settlement date because our own government is refusing to pay for the medical care that she needs, equipment that she needs, and her basic daily living that has been terribly affected by this vaccine injury.

Our family has gotten absolutely no support, just a lot of rhetoric, more paper with denials, we were lost off of the Medicaid waiver system, only to have to wait two more years when we have waited five already.

We aren't going to have to worry about our health care, our Medicare, Medicaid or anything else in this country unless we take care of our children, medically, financially, physically and spiritually! I am appalled that the people who are making these decisions aren't talking to the families that are affected by these decisions. I also challenge our local leaders why we do not have people that are advocating for these families and children?

I have fought for five very long years only to go through agencies as a secondary measure because we have not gotten the necessary resources from the government who determined that the vaccines were safe in the first place. Second, I have gone through the state welfare-less medical system (government ran healthcare) to get services for my daughter to no avail. I have every denial for everything and anything, basic needs that would help her to be a part of society again. I have gone also through tertiary agencies who inform me they don't have funds, I can name these if needed, you would be surprised, they are the ones claiming they are helping to get children equipment and other resources they need. They have not helped me or my family in any way in five years. I am embarrassed to be in the position I am and didn't ask for it. The only thing that has gotten my family where it is and kept us from being homeless is God and the government is even trying to take that away. Shame on you! I know that my family is not the only family dealing with this; can you believe there are families afraid someone is going to take a measly $500 away from them a month for taking care of their child if they say something? I am going to fight and keep fighting and until I can find some one in the administration who is interested in fighting for our children who have needs.

Paris Golec

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just wanted to say before anything else that we are praying for another caringbridge family in Arkansas. Their daughter received her angel wings this morning and went to meet Jesus. please keep this family in your prayers.

Abigaile had two more seizures today. The first she woke up with . The second was last just over 5 minutes and so we called the ambulance. They did have a good response time. The girls were ill this past week and I really felt they were over it. We also tried Abigaile on a new food so we are taking her off for a couple of days, or this weekend then we will reintroduce it again. We are getting a refill however for the Diastat.

We are thankful for the much needed prayers and are so apprceciative.

Gods blessing,


Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on equipment and Ketogenic diet...

So very tired today but wanted to update everyone. We are still working on trying to get the gait trainer. The gait trainer Mrs Amy was working on fell through, but that is okay God has something better for us.
We tried Abigaile on a new juice day before yesterday and also gave her pasta, I'm thinking our organic foods that we are paying for are not as organic as they are saying. Abigaile can not tolerate even the organic sugar. She had five seizures night before last and they were spread out enough all night that none of us slept and we finally got her to sleep and she had a fluid release and woke up in a seizure. This never gets any easier. I hate seizures and feel they need to loose the children and adults on this earth and flee back to the very pitt of hell where they came from! We went to church yesterday and drove around a bit last night to look at Christmas lights. This year was the first year Abigaile has really been able to see the lights from her car seat.
We are on hold right now for the Ketogenic diet as Abigailes dairy came back positive and until we can make certain she can tolerate the dairy. I am assured by the Amish farmers in Pa. that they do not feed corn or grains to their cows. Very expensive to get, it is $12 per qt. and $22 to ship. It has to be shipped overnight because it is raw and to avoid spoilage. This would be the majority of her diet but her neurologist at LeBonheur believes this will stop the drop attack seizures. It is getting too difficult for me to carry her and to move her from upstairs to downstairs so we are praying about where God would send us next. We anxiously await His orders. If He got me to it, He will get me through it.
Going to be praying about some really big decisions to make in the near future. We are needing God to show us in a big way how He wants us to handle them.
I pray its somewhere warm:) Florida would be nice!